Indian Railways Looks to Invest Heavy Money to Avoid Unwanted Accidents!


Derailment Meaning

Over the years the increase in the derailment has given the railways quite a bad reputation. The number of derailment was stressed mostly when the bullet train project was introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as mentioned on NTES website. Everyone asked why the government was investing in a new project instead of investing in the maintenance of the present railway system.

After the criticism of this new bullet train project, the railways seemed to have reconsidered regarding the investment in the present railway system. In the recent Vasco Da Gama derailment, officials have been suspended. The senior section officer-in-charge of tracks was suspended.


Derailment: A Major Cause for Accidents

In this Patna-bound train, thirteen coaches have derailed leaving three passengers dead. While a thorough investigation can only prove why the train derailed, a primary investigation states that the cracks in the rails are the main reason for the derailment.

With an aim to avoid any more unwanted accidents, Indian Railways orders engineers to start working immediately to fix the tracks. Since the primary investigation stated that a rail fracture could’ve caused the derailment, the officials have ordered the engineers to fix all the track defects on an urgent basis.

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The year 2017 has been known for the worst derailment in the history of the railways since the death toll is the highest. The Indian Railways have also taken an additional measure to attach GPS trackers to all the hand-pushed trolleys that go out for rail inspection. They have ordered that the GPS tracker installation should be done within a month.

Total Amount to be Invested in Indian Railways

Simultaneously, the officials are so determined that they have also prepared to raise around Rs. 35000 crores to improve the safety of the Indian Railway train. A week ago, the officials have also announced that the national transporter will raise 1.5 lakh crore till 2020 from LIC at a 7.5 percent interest per annum.

The officials have also stated that they plan to complete their electrification target in the next five years. Sources say that they will also be releasing tenders for electrification of 8,000 tracks per year. By completing the electrification of the entire route, they will save around Rs 10,500 crore on fuel.

The Railways Minister has also received financial powers that allow him to give the go-ahead for many financial decisions without having to seek the advice of the parliament.

Final Words

Looking at these improvements everything does go as planned. The Indian Railways could once again stand as the best transport system in the world. For all the latest updates on the Indian railways derailment, trains, ticket booking, refund questions etc stay tuned to our website.


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