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What is IGRS Telangana? Do you know the legal procedure for transfer property from one person to another person? If you do not know then do not worry. Here we give you the complete details about property transfer and what are the basic requirement for transfer your property.

Let us take one example of land transfer. Imagine that you are living in an Apartment in Hyderabad whose prize is 1 cr. Now you want to sell your apartment to Mr. X at 1 cr. So, for this, Mr. X must pay transaction value with stamps charges and registration charges to you in Sub-Registrar’s office in Telangana state.  After successfully making a payment with stamp duty and registration charges, your property transaction noted in Sub-registrar office. Finally, MR.X becomes the owner of your Apartment. However, for buying any house, you must have an Encumbrance Certificate when you buy an independent house in Hyderabad. Also you can check how to login & logout in kpsc thulasi online at our portal. If you heard this word first time then do not worry.

IGRS Telangana
IGRS Telangana

In this article, we give complete details about IGRS Telangana as well as IGRS EC. So, if you are looking for the same, then read the complete article.

What is IGRS Telangana?

IGRS stands for Integrated Grievance Redressal System that is an online web portal of registration & Stamps Duty. This portal was inaugurated by the Registration and Stamp Department of Government Telangana State. By visiting, this portal one can know the latest market value of the property, search for Encumbrance Certificate, eStamp service, and many more. Not only this but also you can get your marriage certificate and give feedback about this portal with your complaints about this portal. One can download the IGRS EC certificate as well as register their property and society by visiting this site. So, if you want to get all of this, then visit the IGRS Telangana Portal.

Services Provided by Telangana Integrated Grievance Redressal System:

By visiting this IGRS Telangana portal, you will so many useful services, which is equally beneficial for both Government as well as a citizen. So, let us see some useful facilities provided by this online portal.

  • One can check Encumbrance Certificate Online
  • You can also get the details about IGRS Telangana Market Value of your land property
  • This portal also gives you details about Prohibited Property in the Telangana State.
  • One can get eStamp services
  • By using this portal, one can register for Marriage, Property, Society and Firm.
  • This portal share the details about Chits funds
  • People can search their SRO
  • This portal gives you details about stamp vendors, notaries, and Franking Services.
  • One most useful service is that, share feedback to Registration & Stamp Department of Telangana.

Telangana IGRS Benefits:

In spite of providing the above services, this portal has some of the benefits. So, if you are already registered, then you must get the below-listed advantages.

  • Save time and reduce manual work.
  • One can use this portal for online complaints.
  • It is a very good example of Information Technology, which make the state digitalize.
  • This portal gives you transparency. So, there is less chance of corruption and fraud in the government sector.
  • One does not need to visit a particular department for any issues. Because this portal solves all your issues online.

Statistics of Various Service provided by Telangana IGRS for 2018-2019:

Services Statistics
Hindu Marriage 23599
Documents registered 1373547
Slot Booking 48750
Deemed Application for Mutation 114268
IGRS Telangana Public Data Entry 585718
Encumbrance Statement 93433

 IGRS Telangana EC:

Just like other certificates, Encumbrance Certificate is a very important document for purchasing any property. This certificate indicates that this property is clear and marketable. You can find details about all transactions done on a particular property in this certificate. If you want to purchase property then you must have an Encumbrance Certificate. Before start how to search EC let us see basic requirement for IGRS Encumbrance Certificate.

Needs for Telangana Encumbrance certificate:

  • EC certificate let you know about past transactions of property at the time of purchase property.
  • This certificate helps you to apply for a home loan from the bank.
  • This certificate act as evidence, which is free from legal liabilities.
  • EC helps you to get a loan from the bank for your property.
  • This certificate especially helps at the time of buying and selling a property.

After knowing why you need this certificate, let us check what the details available on this certificate are.

IGRS Telangana Registration
IGRS Telangana Registration

What are the details available on Encumbrance Certificate?

  • Details about all the transactions regarding this property.
  • Certain documents like testamentary documents and short-term lease document
  • Details about gift settlement
  • Information about sales deeds

Application Fee for Telangana Encumbrance Certificate:

Application fee for EC is 25 Rs. However, the candidate has to pay legal fees, which is differ from age to age.

Age Fees in Rs.
Less than 30 years 200/- Rs.
More than 30 years 500/- Rs.

Steps for Search IGRS Telangana EC:

As we discussed above, the Encumbrance Certificate is an important document for purchasing or selling the property. This document contains all the legal and financial details of your property and acts as evidence of your property. So, if you want to search your EC then you need not visit the Telangana State Register and Stamp Department. You can easily find your certificate online without wasting your time by visiting the Registrar office. Here we give you complete and easy steps for searching Encumbrance Certificate.

  • Go to official site of IGRS or click on this link https://registration.telangana.gov.in/
  • Then click on the Encumbrance Search (EC) link
  • After that, click on the submit button.
  • Now select one option for EC certificate searching.
  • If you select Document Number then you must enter document number along with the year of registration and SRO number.
  • If you select Form no then you have to enter Applicant Name, Building details, land details, SRO number, and your district.
  • Finally, click on the submit button.
  • At last, you will get IGRS Telangana Encumbrance certificate on your screen. Save and take print out of this for future use.

How to know Your SRO?

SRO stands for Sub Registrar Office, which is a crucial part of the Registration and Stamps Department. This office handles all the registration related data. In case of person do not aware about which SRO falling under his area then by using IGRS Telangana Portal he/she can know about SRO. Below we give you simple steps to know your SRO by using IGRS Portal.

  • Open official site of IGRS.
  • After that, click on Know your SRO link.
  • Now click on the Know your Jurisdiction SRO link.
  • Then select your District, village, and Mandal from drop down.
  • After that, click on the submit button.
  • Finally, you will get the Sub-Registrar Office Name with the address.

About Stamp Duty:

The state government under the Indian Stamp Act 1899 collects stamp Duty. This duty is collected at the time of transferring property from one person to another. As per state Government rules, this duty is varied from the state by state. Generally, it based on the individual state; a certain percentage of the total value of the property is calculated. Not only state wise but also type of property (commercial or residential) affected for calculated the stamp duty.

Stamp Duty= Individual State % of Actual Transaction Value of Property

You must pay the stamp duty at the time of property transfer. The Stamp duty and property registration document is act as evidence, which proves that you are the owner of the property. This document helps at the time of a property dispute. This document also helps in the case when you lose the original copy. You can receive new Property Transfer certificate form SRO office which indicates you are the owner of this property.

Factors Affected the Calculation of Stamps Duty in Telangana:

  • Age of Buyer
  • Property Location
  • Gender of Property Buyer
  • Property Type
  • Property Age

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How to Install IGRS Telangana Mobile App?

The Department of Stamps and Registration Telangana provide Mobile Application for all smartphone users in Telangana State. So, by installing this app on your mobile phone, one can access this portal anytime anywhere. If you are a mobile user and want to install the app in your device then follow the given steps.

  • First, turn on your mobile internet connection.
  • After that, click on the link Download T-Registration Mobile App.
  • Now you redirect on play store app.
  • Then click the on install button.
  • Finally, this app is successfully installed on your mobile phone.

How to get in Touch with IGRS Telangana?

In case any doubts or complaint regarding IGRS or if you want to give feedback about this portal then you can contact this department via below media.

  • Telangana Helpline Toll-free Number: 1800-599-4788
  • WhatsApp Number: 9121220272
  • Email Address: grievance-igrs@igrs.telangana.gov.in

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We hope you get a complete idea about IGRS Telangana. You can follow the above steps to acquire Telangana Encumbrance Certificate. By reading the details about the EC you can get the idea about its usefulness. For calculating the Stamp Duty on your property you can use the above formula. I hope you will find Jlltd blog useful. If you really like, then please comment your review in below comment box.  For more article like this visit our site or bookmark our site for regular updates.


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